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Ideal barn door is a 100% Australian owned & operated company established in 2009.

Ideal barn door is a professional barn doors and barn door hardware brand in Australia, Ideal barn door supply the largest selection of barn door hardware and accessories.Barn door hardware is professional hardware for sliding door. Rustic ,Modern barn door will be new popular feature of home in the world.There are more and more people like barn door in Australia.

we supply multiple standard size barn door (Height 2120 and 2400; width 820mm-21000mm)and track length(1.25M-4M). If your door requires a track length that falls between sizes, simply adjust rails stoper to suit for your need. Please contact us if you need more special.

we supply multiple special parts for customers special need:

  • Extend track length to any size with connector;
  • Bypass system will save your space;
  • Special length screw for your doors More than 45 mm thick;
  • Softclose appliance for more slience;
  • Special length screw for your architrave problem;
  • Wall guide stead of floor guide for your Tile floor;
  • Ceiliing mount fitting for no wall to fix;

We can measure and design for you.

We delivery Australia wide.

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You also can visit our stores in Melbourne or Sydney.

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