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Invisible sliding doors system

Over 50 mm of braking distance
Uses new PATENTED dampers, for a total braking of 50 mm, increasing the soft closing motion of 20mm more than previous version, keeping the same widths of door.

New adjustable stoppers
The new adjustable dampers are no more connected to the spacer or end caps. is now possible to adjust the damper position when required.

New position for spacer wheels 
The system incorporates new spacer wheels, placed at the end of the door, to better protect the door from any contact with the wall.

New PATENTED system for any type of adjustment 
The new slider system incorporates a PATENTED® micrometric adjustment system, wich allows any type of vertical and horizontal  adjustment: to compensate the possible wall irregularities. These operations are possible also without remove the door from the slide as it was in previous model.



The system is a wall mount sliding system for wood doors weighing up to 80 kg each. 
This unique concealed hardware and running track creates the illusion that the door is floating. 
This hardware can be cut and fitted for a wide variety of door widths and thickness. 
It is a high quality smooth running system.
  • Completely concealed hardware and upper running track
  • Sliding system for wood door or aluminum door panels and frames
  • Interior / Residential and Hotels Doors
  • Right and left doors applicable 
  • Smooth sliding system.
  • The slide system is built into the door, making it completely invisible whether the door is closed or open position. 
  • The mounting plate is designed to be wall-mounted.

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