Hang the Barn Door

Once you’ve prepared it, you’re now ready to hang the barn door and install the last pieces of hardware.

  • Lift the door and place the wheels on the metal track. Heavy doors will require two people for lifting. 
  • Test the door to see that it slides correctly. 
  • Attach the anti-jump disks. These are small rubber blocks that are screwed to the top edge of the door. They keep the door in place if the roller wheels ever jump off the track. 
  • Install the door guides. These guides are attached to the floor and keep the door from wobbling when it is open or closed. Some guides fit into a groove that is milled in the bottom of the door. Others are installed so that they guide the door from the sides. 
  • With the door hanging plumb, place the guides in position and mark the locations for the screws. Use the provided screws to keep the guides in place. 
  • The final step in how to install a barn door is to test the door again to make sure it opens and closes smoothly. Double-check that the anti-jump disks are in place and that the door stoppers are tight. The barn door should glide, and all the hardware should feel sturdy and secure.