How Much Are Barn Doors?

Barn Door Prices
The material cost of a sliding barn door ranges from $300 to $1,000, depending on cost variables like materials and size of the model.

Sliding barn doors have rollers attached to the wall above the door, which accounts for a major part of the hardware cost. The size and weight of the unit directly affects the cost of the tracking hardware.

Barn Door Cost by Material
A basic, cost of an interior barn door with tracking hardware is between $300 and $1000 if it’s made from inexpensive materials like pine wood. This model would be much smaller and lighter than an exterior door for an actual barn. A model closer to the size and weight of an exterior barn door would cost between $300 and $700.

The cost of custom barn doors is about $500. However, a door made of a particularly heavy wood like oak, can increase the price .

Additional features also affect the cost of a sliding barn door. For example, Metal doors with glass inserts cost an average of $500.

Cost of Barn Door Hardware
A sliding barn door weighing less than 120kg will only need 2 rollers on one track, so its hardware will only cost about $100-$300..

A double sliding style will require two tracks, regardless of the door’s weight. In this case, the hardware will cost over $300.

DIY Barn Door Installation vs. Hire a Pro
The biggest benefit to having a pro install a barn door is that you can be sure to avoid rookie mistakes that could cost more down the road. However, an experienced DIYer can complete this project if there is already enough empty wall space around the doorway to allow the door to slide completely open.