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With so many design options out there, researching new design trends for a renovation should be simple. However, not everything you see online or at your friend’s house is an option for your home. Luckily your contractor, architect, or designer knows all about hot designs for high-end homes right now and they can help you see what’s on the market!

Sliding barn doors are as different as the people who choose them, as is the unique barn door hardware. You can create a central piece in one of your rooms or just find a space saving solution when a traditional door won’t do.


Artisan Hardware has a ripe selection of sliding barn door hardware that you can pick and choose from to accent your door, no matter what styles you have in mind. We can add the rustic charm that the barn door is known for or you can find a piece that is more modern or contemporary. Whatever you have in mind, our customized sliding barn doors make a huge impression in your home.


While there are plenty of intended uses for a sliding barn door, and a lot of different designs to choose from, some are definitely going to be better than others for your specific needs. When deciding to install a sliding barn door, make sure that you take the time to explore the perks of this kind project, including what it can do for your home’s value. Here are a few perks to keep in mind:

  • Sliding barn doors take up less floor space than traditional doors, which makes them great for spaces that are limited on floor space.
  • Modern design concepts are changing the way people use their homes, getting more flexible space options and unique design ideas from sliding barn door hardware collections, design and inspirations.
  • The sliding barn door offers a unique design feature that shows off your high-end style and increases the value of your home significantly.

There is so much to love about sliding barn doors and barn door hardware, especially when you’re looking for a new style in your home. Make sure that you take the time to explore your options to get the right look for your renovation, whether it includes a sliding barn door or not.

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Antique Copper Side Mount B02AB

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Aluminum Alloy Sliding Door hardware

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Arrow Side Mount(B06)

Classic Black Side Mount B02

Stainless Top Mount Plus S05

Horseshoe Side Mount(B04)