Aussie Style Sliding Barn Doors Interior and Exterior!

Ideal Barn Door Offers the Widest Range of Australian Designed and Styled Interior and Exterior Sliding Barn Doors for Your Home!

Create Your Australian Dreams and Set the Mood with Truly Australian Sliding Barn Doors in Your Home. With Hundreds of Designs, Styles, Features and Accessories, We’re Sure You’ll Find What You’re Looking For.

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Featured Products


Barn Door (BD020)

Plank Barn Door DIY with Frame(BD101F)

Half Z-brace Barn Door (BD017)

Palace Teak Matt Barn Door BDF012

Carriage Barn Door (BDW04)

Bottega Oak Woodmatt Barn Door BDF004

Z Brace Barn Door(BD004)

Herringbone Barn Door( BDHB04)

Barn Door (BD018)

British White Painted Barn Door (BD002W)

Wall Mirror Cabinet with sliding barn door

DIY British Brace Barn Door (BD102)

Carriage Barn Door (BDW03)

Barn Door (BD019)

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt Barn Door BDF015

Prime Oak Woodmatt Barn Door BDF014

DIY Z Brace Barn Door (BD104)

Casentino Beech Woodmatt Barn Door BDF005

Barn Door (BD022)

Nordic Oak Woodmatt Barn Door BDF010

Chalkboard Door( BDC01)

Notaio Walnut Ravine Barn Door BDF011

Mirror Barn Door (BDM001W)


Glide Rolling Library Ladder Hardware

Weathered Rust Side Mount B02WR

Classic Stainless Steel Side Mount S12

Classic Black Top Mount (B05)

Black Top Mount(B01)

Modern Stainless Side Mount SG03

Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardware

Plum Flower Barn Door Hardware M07

Antique Copper Side Mount B02AB

Arrow Side Mount(B06)

Golden Side Mount B02Gold

Plum Flower Side Mount(B03)

Classic Black Side Mount B02

Eiffel Tower Barn Door Hardware M02

Stain Nickel Steel Side Mount Large S09

Horseshoe Side Mount(B04)

Green Patina Side Mount B02GP

Heavey Duty British Design Side Mount B08

Glide Rolling Library Ladder hardware

Top Mount Double-Wheels S21

White Crackle Side Mount B02WC

Stainless Top Mount Plus S05

White Side Mount B02W

Modern Stainless Top Mount S01

Make your home interior complete with fetching barn doors

There is only one thing you can do about your doorway to accent the décor of the whole room and bring more comfort to your house. Right you are – that thing is all about installing modern barn doors which slide sideways and give your place a touch of elegance that you’ve been looking for. Who wouldn’t want to take their doorway up a notch? The good news is that you can get this done with Ideal Barn Door at a fraction of the price even today.

 It’s now almost 10 years since we’ve been helping homeowners create a warm, friendly atmosphere in their dwellings by supplying them with interior barn doors. Our efforts are channelled into providing you with a variety of designs, gorgeous styles, hardware features, and accessories so that you can complement the décor of any room in your house.

 We offer multiple options of barn doors for sale. Whether you need a classic room divider, ready-to-paint DYI one, or an excellent addition to your bedroom, take a peek at our selection. Here you will find everything you need to make your doorway space-saving and beautiful.

What makes us #1 brand of barn style doors in Australia?

Ideal Barn Door is a one-stop company where you can not only order modern room dividers at the best prices but also stock up on mounting systems, connectors, handles, hinges, locks, and everything in between. Remember, quality hardware is a must to ensure smooth movement of sliding doors. Snap up necessary parts from our range of products and enjoy all this along with the perfect look.

 On top of that, you will get far more benefits when dealing with us: 

  • Free quote. All you need to find out how much your custom-made door will cost you is fill out our form. Simply specify the type, style, opening measurements, and that’s it.
  • Warranty. Our doors and hardware are covered by a 3-year warranty and a 10-year warranty respectively.
  • Fast delivery. If you choose a standard door or hardware that is currently in stock, you will get your order in a matter of days. Please note that we deliver barn doors over Australia.
  • First-hand experience. Do you want to have a look at what you are going to pay for? Visit our brick-and-mortar stores in Sydney or Melbourne before making your order.

 Enjoy a plethora of choices at Ideal Barn Door. We have dozens of sliding doors that will fit the bill!