Sliding Barn Door


One of the best trends to come along in the past decade is the sliding barn door. Finally breaking out of the common outside barn door, these new sliding barn doors slide across the wall rather than open inward or outward like a traditional door. These spectacular doors are showing up all over to replace the only door that we’ve had in our houses; giving your home a fresh, updated look to the standard way of living.

Hanging Up Traditional Doors

Incorporating a sliding barn door into your room’s design is the simplest thing you can do. There is a big difference to traditional doors and sliding barn doors. For instance, rather than a doorframe with hinges that standard doors use, barn doors use a hanging track that’s mounted above the door opening. This allows the door to slide on the barn door tracks that are mounted to the header framing that’s typically above the doorway.

Another great option for using a sliding barn door is placing it as cover for your TV area in your living room. This will limit the distractions when you want to have family and friends over for a game night. These doors can range from rustic to modern, both accented with handmade artisan barn door hardware.

A Novel Appeal

Part of the sliding barn doors greatest appeals is its space-saving abilities. Sliding barn doors make great use of limited space, especially in places like tight bathrooms where a standard door would take up room. One really great spot for barn doors is over a closet that has a pair of standard sliding doors. When doors are slid from one slide to another, only one side of the closet is available. But when sliding barn doors are installed and can be pulled apart in the middle, it makes the whole closet reachable.

When thinking about sliding barn doors, consider the style of the door and of the barn door hardware. If you’re replacing a standard door, the trim around your current door will obviously need to be removed. Privacy may be a concern with installing barn doors. Barn doors won’t seal off for privacy the way a standard door does, but it does still close off. However, this may be perfect for a growing family that wants to make sure everyone is safe.