Ideal Barn Doors is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. We provide the largest supply of Barn doors and Wood Barn Doors across Australia, as well as top quality Italian sliding door hardware. When it comes to Sliding Barn Doors, the options are limitless. From British Brace to Z Brace, Wood Barn Doors provide a classy yet simple style to your house. In addition, opting for barn doors creates additional space, making it particularly useful in smaller properties. Wood Barn Doors can be installed practically anywhere, from bedrooms to kitchens, creating a more open plan area and making your decor like no other! Our barn doors that are made from wood will add to the aesthetic and ambiance of your house. Lastly, Barn Doors are also extremely easy to install; you do not need to be a skilled technician to get our doors into place. However, should you face any challenges, here at Ideal Barn Doors we offer installation manuals and all the required Barn Door Hardware such as hinges, Barn Door Handles.

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